Rail Awareness in Nevada

About Us

The Rail Auxiliary Team (RAT) is a trained force multiplier for law enforcement that is helping to keep the railroad safe and secure through your communities.

Rail Auxiliary Teams . . .

  • Are A Fully Vested Law Enforcement Program

    • ​Background Checked

    • Organized under the direction of the local Law Enforcement

    • Law Enforcement Identification


  • Who Does the Rail Auxiliary Support?

    • Local & State Law Enforcement

    • Railroads & Amtrak

    • State Fusion Centers / TSA

    • State DOT's

    • Transit Rail

    • State Suicide Prevention Programs

    • Work with Homeless Outreach

    • Athletic Events Near or Over Tracks

    • Other Highway Rail Safety Programs


  • RAT Training

    • Eight Hours of Rail Specific Training

      • ​Basic Railroading

      • Suicide Awareness

      • Worldwide Rail Terrorism Awareness

      • Reporting Procedures

    • Monthly Classroom Training

    • Monthly Field Exercises

    • Table Top Exercises

    • On-Line Classes

    • "Five Minutes of Fame" for Law Enforcement Roll Call

    • Aviation/Drone Integration & Reporting

Program Coordinator & Consultant

​Meet Rich Gent, the program coordinator for the Rail Auxiliary Teams and a Rail Awareness Consultant.

  • Retired Naval Officer
    • ​Intelligence
    • Sensor Management
    • Operational Security
    • Counter-Terrorism
    • Operational Planning
    • Security Clearance
  • NV POST Instructor
  • FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot
  • NV Terrorism Liaison Officer
  • WCSO Instructor of the Year
  • Operation Life Saver State Director


  • To have specifically trained teams that work to keep this vital National transportation system moving in support of this Nation.
  • To reduce the chance of having to answer the question, "How could this have happened?"

Annual Report for 2021