Rail Awareness in Nevada

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Coffee Tracks - Mogul, NV

If you arrived early to Coffee Tracks, you got a great view of an East bound Union Pacific manifest train! One of our early RATS even caught a man down the hill beside track 2 changing his clothes. Sorry, no picture of this trespasser! You truly never know what you will come across by the tracks.

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Crossing Gates Are There For A Reason

On Monday, May 2, 2022 a 27 year old male lost his life due to a rash decision at a rail crossing in Pompano Beach, Florida. This young father on his way to work drove around the gates and lights that signaled a train was coming. The conductor of the train said that he believes the driver was trying…

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Coffee Tracks - West End of the UP Sparks Yard

Little did we know of the excitement that would occur during our Coffee Tracks time at the Union Pacific Sparks Yard! As the "pack" of RATS began to gather, the scanner alerted us to an event taking place in the yard by one of the tracks. A  railroad worker discovered a residential propane tank with…

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